The first ever ICT Day of Colombo South International College was held on the 31st of October 2022 based on the theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence. The day was a success! ’ The committee also organized a Robotic Exhibition and a Digital Art Exhibition based on the same theme. Prior to the day, a few competitions were held allowing students to show case their skills and talents. Among them were quiz competitions, speech competitions, drama and dancing events etc.

Some of these were also open for outside schools too. Four schools took part in the day’s events and the teachers too had the opportunity of taking part in a real-time quiz.

The students of CSI not only gained knowledge but also enjoyed the events of the day! I

New Year Celebration

The Annual Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations were held on the 4th of April 2023 at the College premises. Students and teachers all gathered together in colourful attire to celebrate the day! It was a joyous momentum for the students and a wonderful way to wrap up the term’s work!  

The students actively engaged themselves in performing the traditional customs followed by the guidance of the teachers. They also took part in songs and dances that were especially designed to highlight the importance of the Sri Lankan culture and traditions. The traditional Awrudu games went on in full swing and the children were seen taking part in them enthusiastically.

CSIC Annual Sports Meet

The students of Colombo South International College very enthusiastically participated in the Annual Inter-House Sports Meet which was held on the 8th of February at the S. D. S. Jayasinghe grounds.

The purpose of this was to encourage our students to take part in extra-curricular activities especially outdoor events and to make them realize the value of sports.

At the end of all events Jupiter house emerged first while Pluto house came in second followed by Venus in third place.

The day was an immense success!