Departments of CSIC

Department of Humanities 
Head of the Department - Mrs Ranmali Wettasinghe 
(Buddhism , GC , Sinhala , History , Civics , Aesthetics)    

Our department explores the foundations of culture and society, how humans interact with each other and the built environment, and how people communicate and express ideas. Our key focus is on Sinhala Language, History, Civics, GC, Aesthetics and Buddhism.

Department of English and Literature 
Head of the Department - Mr. M.I Mazahir 

As a department we understand the importance of English in relation to all subjects and strive to help each student achieve their potential. It is taught as far as possible through a stimulating range of literature with an emphasis on lively and engaging discussion. The children are encouraged to use the language imaginatively and accurately.

Department of ICT and Internal Examinations 
Head of the Department - Mr. Kalpa Amunugama 

The main focus of the ICT Department is to make sure that students are proficient in information technology, developing a wide range of skills and familiarizing themselves with the modern technology. Our aim is to encourage students to learn about the technological advances of a constantly-changing world as ICT also provides skills one needs for everyday life. We aim to produce learners who are confident and effective users of ICT. 

Department of Science and Health Science
Head of the Department - Mr. Gunarathne De Silva 

The main target of the Science department is to provide an engaging learning environment, with exciting practical investigations being the focus of the majority of lessons. A sound understanding of Science also plays a key role in pupils’ personal development. Across the year groups our pupils are provided with opportunities to learn about a wide range of living things, materials and the ever changing world around them. 

Department of French
Head of the Department - Mrs. Kavinga Gunawardena 

As the Department of French we strongly believe that learning languages is the key to reinforcing communication with people. it also helps children to open their minds to different countries and cultures. Throughout their time at CSI, the children will be given a taste of both French and its culture through films, literary texts, music and songs, projects and etc. Our team aims to provide each and every child with a sound understanding and knowledge of the basics of French language and culture.

Department of Mathematics 
Head of the Department - Mr. Udena Vidanagama 

At CSI we believe a solid understanding of Mathematics is vital for moulding the minds of our students – the future leaders of our country. The Maths department plays a key part in the academic lifeof our students. Lessons are taught with a variety of activities concentrating on many different areas of Maths, whilst giving children the opportunity to explore different ideas and concepts. 

Department of Commerce 
Head of the Department -  Mrs. Samanthi Rajasinghe 

The Commerce department endeavours to impart its students quality education with a strong the foundation of business and commerce concepts to excel and enhance the essential analytical skills in the field of commerce. We offer the subjects of, Business Studies, Economics and Accounting covering a wide range of theories and concepts relating to these subjects and their application to contemporary economic and business environment.

Department of Geography 
Head of the Department - Mrs. Samanthi Mahavidanage 

Geography is the study of the way the world works and as such, can be considered a uniquely diverse subject. It is a subject that is increasing in relevance to everyday life and hence we believe it is important that the children are taught to understand the world in which they live today.

Department of Religious Studies  
Heads of the Departments – §  Hinduism and Tamil - Mrs. Sujatha Vytheeswaran. §  Buddhism - Mrs Ranmali Wettasinghe §  Catholicism and Christianity – Mrs Rozel Martinez 

The Department of Religious Studies of CSI offers all students the opportunity to study a broad range of religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam from an academic perspective. The main focus of this is to promote a community founded on the values of inclusivity, equity, and diversity.