Mr. M. de S. Wijekularatne 
Chairman/Managing Director 
LLB(Hons) University of London 
CIMA (UK)    

It's inspiring to see our students go on to do exciting things. Sometimes it is volunteer work. Sometimes it is graduate school in science or the health professions. Sometimes it is taking a job in industry and being part of an adventurous new project. Their passion inspires me to help them achieve their goals. Our students are impressive: they are intelligent and caring. They care about their studies, as well as about the type of people they are and want to become.   

Founder Directress 
Mrs G.R Wijekularatne 
A.M.I (St. Bridget’s) 
Open Univercity Sri Lanka   

Directress - CSIC Montessori 
Mrs. Marie Silva 
A.M.I (St. Bridget's)