What does co-curricular activity mean? Co-curricular activities are those that are done in addition to academic work. Co-curricular activities are typically conducted outside of the typical classrooms, but they support the academic curriculum and promote learning via engagement. 
Students' problem-solving, logical, analytical, creative, communicative, and collaborative skills are all improved by participating in these activities. 
It is possible that co-curricular school activities, such as daytime music, painting, or theatre classes, are required. Others might be elective, such joining a student newspaper editorial board, a school debate team, or a sports team. Participation benefits kids' emotional, social, and general personality development in any scenario. As a result, extracurricular activities are quite important. At CSIC, we encourage and give more opportunities for our young and energetic students to participate in various co-curricular activities under the guidance and supervision of well trained and experienced teachers.