Clubs & Societies 

Every Club and Society at CSIC has something special to offer its member base, whether it be igniting their passion for certain interests, advancing their capacity for teamwork, or simply serving as an example to peers. In the College, there are more than 12 active organizations and societies, all of which promise various priceless lessons and experiences that have helped create many all-round characters. The school is particularly proud of the assistance its Clubs and Societies provide to many facets of society.

Master In-charge – Mr. Gunarathne De Silva 
Mistress In-charge – Mrs. Gimhani Elvitigala 

The Science Club of our school has been formed with the vision of promoting scientific vigor and the spirit of inquiry. The three science streams; Physics, Chemistry and Biology together organize a wide range of events for the students.

Master In-charge –  Mr. Sanath Samarasingha 
Mistress In-charge – Mrs. Samanthi Rajasingha 

The Commerce society encourages young business minds to further embrace their business skills and prepare to excel in future.

Master In-charge  –  Mr. Kalpa Amunugama 
Mistress In-charge – Ms Uduli Dharmawardane and 
Ms Manuri Ayesha

The club motivates students to use computers effectively to enhance their computer skills in handling different computer-based applications. The club promotes learning of designing concepts through various tools and technologies, photography, animation etc. Robotics is the highlight of the ICT club, where technological talent is being polished to create a generation which expresses the exact future of the nation.   

Mistress In-charge – Mrs. Umeda Siriwardane 

The mission of the Sinhala Society is to create a great love and interest on the Sinhala language. The key focus is to train children to use the language accurately and meaningfully and enjoy the beauty of the language which is unique to our own country.  

Mistress In-charge – Mrs. Samanthi Mahavidanage 

The Environmental Pioneers has its vision to create a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment and to create awareness among the students. It aims to achieve unpolluted surrounding with the help of students and to inculcate environmental consciousness to save and preserve our earth. The Club organises activities on a regular basis to engage the students in eco-friendly and sustainable projects.

Master In-charge   Mr Oshadha Lakmal 

The main objective of the First-Aid Unit of CSIC is to make children aware of basic First-Aid techniques and encourage our children to pay attention to their day to day injuries and how to handle emergency situations.

Master In-charge – Mr. Oshada Lakmal 
Mistress In-charge  - Mrs. Hansima Waranatenne 

The Media Club of CSIC is a club that is focused on serving the school in all its media oriented needs.