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09 Jul

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to inform you that the School will re-open for our students in stages from the 6th of July.


Stage – 1                     6th July 2020 – Grade 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Stage – 2                     20th July 2020 – Grade 6  /  7 / 8

Stage – 3                     27th July 2020 – Grade 3 / 4  /  5

Stage – 4                     10th August 2020 – Grade 1 & 2

  • School Time – Grade 1 – 4 -> 00am – 12.00pm

                                       Grade 5 – 13    ->         8.00am – 1.50pm


We have taken the following measures according to the guidelines given by the Director General of Health.

  • A new tap line system has been installed at the entrance for the students to wash their hands before entering the school premises.
  • A sanitizing system has been installed in the washrooms for students’ use.
  • Temperature of all students will be checked at the entrance.
  • Classrooms are arranged according to given guidelines.
  • An emergency Sick Room is arranged next to the sports room.
  • All sports activities and practices have been cancelled until further notice.
  • School canteen will remain closed until further notice.


Guide lines for students

  • Students must wash their hands and wipe the soles of the shoes with a disinfecting liquid at the entrance of the school. Bags should be sanitized too.
  • Students must get their body temperature checked at the entrance of the school.
  • A mask should be worn at all times.
  • All students must bring an extra mask, a handkerchief and a personal sanitizer.
  • Students must not change the classroom set up.
  • Students must not share their meal, water bottle, stationery or books with each other.
  • Refrain from coming to school if you have fever, phlegm, headache or such Inflammatory symptoms.
  • Avoid gatherings at all times.
  • Students will be allowed to come out of the classroom only with the permission of a teacher.
  • Students are permitted to wear the sports kit / school uniform – without the tie.
  • Students should bring their own food and water since the school canteen will not be in function.